Should I get GP check up?

Hi everyone,

Hope I’m not imposing on your wonderful forum but I’ve been checking out suspected Meares Irlen syndrom on the internet and now worry that I may actually be experiencing MS symptoms… I’m NOT a hypocondriac! HONEST!!

I recently started an art course at college as a mature student and my lifelong reading problem (fall asleep) seems to have manifested as a sensitivity to light as I’ve been experiencing intense pain in one eye in association with overhead lighting and computer monitors. A subsequent eye test showed my eyes to be healthy and colour overlays have so far helped on the laptop so next step is to visit my GP for referral to hospital.

However I am still battling with other issues:

Exhaustion - Lack of sleep due to college / work / trying to catch up?

Tingling / Numbness in Hands - Nerve damage from carrying heavy loads? (Lasted 3 weeks now)

Severe Constipation - Poor Diet? (No time to shop/cook properly) Never felt this pain before though!

Joint / Lower Back Pain - Lack of exercise? Lying too long when finally get some sleep?

Stress - No explanation required!!

Depression - As above and may be forced to quit course.

Inexplicable falls - These have been happening on occasion for some time but not regular.

Sorry for the long Post folks as I usually ignore health niggles but I’m wondering if the eye problem is connected to any of the above. Also I’ve been vegetarian for 25 years now so maybe the symptoms also present as B12 deficiency?

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance.

Hello Arty My advice is to go see your gp Your symptoms could be down to any number of things. Sooner you go to docs and rule things out the better you will feel. It could be all down to your lifestyle or something more serious…make the appointment and find out…try not to worry. All the best to you xxx

I’d agree with Blossom, and say see your GP. Write it all down as you have above. I’d stick with your art course for the moment if you can Arty - give it a few months? It sounds like a great thing to do as a mature student. Whatever you do is worth it xx good luck

Thanks for your support Blossom and BeccaT. (Hope I’m Replying right way!)

Lecturers been mainly supportive and given compensations but I suspect patience waning with some as I go well beyond deadlines. Been getting lots of labels attached to me but my initial concern is losing my sight and hand co-ordination although I appreciate many of you will have much bigger issues to face if you have been living with MS for some time.

Been reading lots of old posts and realise that I share that “magical” age and situation of other females in that I’m rapidly approaching my 46th year and whilst I’ve had regular, problem-free periods (despite hormonal imbalance) from an early age, I now find myself ‘flooding’ with ever increasing frequency and duration. Could my symptoms be purely hormonal and can peri-menopause trigger MS symptoms?

Sorry if I’m stressing over minor issues and I promise to see my GP next week!

Wishing you all the best possible health for the festive season and beyond. xxx

Hello again Arty I’m 57, had my last period when I was 55 thank The Lord lol…glad to see the back of them. I reckon when you’ve finished having children there should be a special switch that turns periods off…always hated them. You’ll drive yourself nuts wondering what’s causing your symptoms…off to the docs with you lol. I hope you have a lovely Christmas too xxx