Should I be so tired and sore?

I usually suffer from fatigue but today i'm shattered.

I have been away for a couple of days, staying with my aunt so therefor I did not have to cook, clean etc. My husband took care of our kids while we were there, I didn't stay up late or do anything too strenuous. We went to a couple of shops but my aunt parked right outside them and that was it.

Does anyone else just get tired from being in different surroundings?

I sleep more than usual while we were away too and today my whole body is sore and achy. I feel so useless as need to get the house in order and unpack all our bags. scared2

Yes babe I think many of us do.

I can go to my nieces home for a few hours and do nothing but when I come home I am worn out.I just want to sleep.Ive just been to a local PAC meeting and all I did was sit and talk and when I got home I feel so drained.

It will not take much for us to have Fatigue.

I get up in the morning,my child is old enough to dress herself,brush teeth etc.I have a cup of tea and make her toast and by time I have sent her off to school the fatigue is terrible.

If I have to go out to a strange place it stresses me I get very tired.I struggle to get in and out of a car this uses up my energy,walking to the bottom of my drive way causes me to feel worn out,then some days I can walk to the end of the drive and be fine.

You find next time you go and visit your aunt you may not feel so fatigued.

MS is not a steady ongoing illness it messes with us when it feels like it...