Should I ask for more tests?

Hello, this is my first post here. I do not have a diagnosis yet. Basically, I collapsed in January with what appeared to be a stroke. I was admitted onto a stroke ward and had a MRA and CT scan, which were clear. My left side was weak and I couldn’t not move my arm or leg, had to use a wheelchair until I learnt to walk again. Also, very sick and dizzy, vision affected, numb side of face. I was sent home and since had 4 more of these ‘collapses’, leaving me walking with a stick or crutches. I have pain in my arm, drag my leg, no grip in left hand. Neurologist examined me, said nothing wrong, had an MRI and all clear. That’s it- nothing. Gp seems to thinking im making a fuss, I can barely leave the house, 3 kids to look after, sooo tired. Doctor thinks it may be a type of migraine. They say if it was MS it would show on the MRI and I’m making myself worse by being anxious! My family think I should have a lumbar puncture.

Ok firstly welcome, secondly Im sorry to hear about all your problems.

I havent been diagnosed yet but very simular to yourself, I woke up one day went to walk and fell over. spent the time in hospital in a wheelchair e.t.c mine is all to do with my legs. The thing is, is that it could still be so many things other than MS or a few things acting like MS all together. Clean MRI scans does not mean you dont have it.

Have they done a spinal MRI also? and a lumbar puncture helps confirm MS but again is not always get you a diagnosis, I had 2 Lumbar punctures, showing small amouns of things that shouldnt be there, supporting inflamtion in my brain with the 1 lesion I have.

Since then I have had another MRI and now I have to wait until may 23rd for my next nuro appointment on what to do next.

Try and stay possitive live for the good days and get back down your GP. If they think you need to see the nuro again they will write a letter to them on your behalf but dont give up.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

If I were you, I would ask for a second opinion, perhaps from a neuro who specialises in headache, given that someone thought it might be migraine. And migraine is a possibility - there are some types that can cause serious neurological symptoms (like you describe) and not necessarily with an accompanying headache. If you are anywhere near London, I can recommend an excellent headache specialist neuro.

You should also see an ophthalmologist about your vision. If there is nothing wrong, then it adds weight to the migraine theory.

The other thing to consider is a spinal MRI - have you had one? I’m not a neuro, but your symptoms point towards brain stem and spinal cord from what I know, so a decent MRI of your brain stem and of your neck would seem sensible.

I wouldn’t go down the lumbar puncture route until I’d done all of that.

Good luck.

Karen x