Shortness of Breath


I have Cervical lesion which is causing problems with respiratory muscle strength, this has been getting progressively worse over the past few months with my care being passed over paliative care team.

I am on a lot of medication 24 from high dose oxycodone for chest pain, to 6 nebulizers a day to try and ease the airways and make breathing, slightly easier.

To be far losing the ability to breath and having the strength slowly sapped away is scarey.

Anyone having similar problems?

Hi Muffin

I have had various symptoms including SOB, sweating, fatigue and tachycardia as well as neurological symptoms since October 2016, I was diagnosed with transverse myelitis and subsequently RRMS in December 2016. I am SOB whenever I do the slightest activity and my heart rate goes up to 140bpm. 3 weeks ago, after repeating these symptoms to every doctor I’ve seen in all these months, my GP has finally started investigating and a ECG shows I have also a left bundle branch block and am seeing a cardiologist next week. It might be worth not taking your SOB as an MS symptom unless it’s been investigated to exclude other causes. Good luck KT X

(And by the way I have lesions C2-5, T1 and T7.)