Short Story


I have been living with MS for 8 years and its had its up’s and down’s. I have wrote a short story I would like to share with you in regards to my own experience.

The Body
by Mr Widestrides

Saturday morning a young man lays curled up in bed “enjoying” the afterglow of another Friday night, not aware of the council he was chairing…

A distressed voice moaned “I simply can’t do this any more, isn’t your job supposed to tell him this is bad for us all?”.
A soft reply whispered “He doesn’t listen to me any more, we haven’t been in touch for a very long time”.
A third coughed “When he smokes, does he not realise he is hurting me?”.
The soft one replied “I think in a way he does and that is why he does it, I still feel his sadness remember.”.
A stern strong War-like arrival commanded “Well I am tired of it and if you can’t get him to listen, then we will do what we do best”.
The softly spoken Heart replied “There is always another solution than that”.
The warmongering Immune System sharply retorted “Not in our line of work”.
The Lungs Wheezed a validation “we can’t see any other way”.
“Last night is becoming the normal for us all” The distressed Liver reasoned.
The Heart felt what was coming but tried one last time to reason with the various parties. “Isn’t our place to support and perform our role?”
An unsteady silence fell over the gathering until the Immune system condemned "It has begun and the egotistical mind will understand its role.

A feeling of sadness fell over our young man that morning but not being in touch with his feelings, he simply disregarded his mood as one too many the night before and so he continued.
Over time the Immune System started to prove its reasoning with numbness to his legs but still the same pattern was followed each Friday night and the heart continued to feel sad.
With a point to prove next was one of the five senses and the young man responded to double vision with pints\shots of more forgetfulness…which only made the Immune system more tenacious in its actions.
A heavy heart felt the pain being processed unknowingly by the mind as balance, motion and co-ordination started to deteriorate before its time.
“If only you would perceive your feelings and change your ways” felt the Heart.

The young man was starting to rely on a cane for travel but the mind with its patterns of behaviour had learnt to drown out any negative feelings with bottles of the advertised “feel Good”
but one Friday night a line would be crossed.
As usual the young man had gathered in supplies for the Friday night and the demoralised Liver,Lungs and Kidneys waited for the aftermath.
The Heart felt something and reached out to the various members and felt what the Immune system had carefully laid for the mind.
The heart fearfully trembled “What have you done?”
“The Mind won’t be able to walk away from this” sneered the Immune system.
A pause and a thought entered the young man’s head as he hesitated before the first sip. Something didn’t feel right but what did it matter…Darkness and Sorrow.
The young man started to drink Whiskey, of which followed Larger stumbling onto Vodka and the lesson was sprung. He lost the use of his legs and fell to the floor alone.
A line had been crossed and the Mind felt it.

The Heart SPOKE as the young man lay immobile on the floor “If only you would perceive your feelings and change your ways”
The Heart LISTENED as a faint frightened whisper replied “I do not know how?”.
“I CAN’T MOVE THE LEGS” cried the Mind.
“You were hurting and others had had enough.” the Heart replied.
The Mind Reasoned “Why would they do that?”
“Why poison the Lungs and Liver, at the end of every week?” countered the Heart.
An overpowering emotion of hopelessness fell between them.
Whimpering the Mind sobbed “Will you help stop this?”
The Heart gave council “You are not alone but wheels are in motion and what will be, will have to be”.
The mind felt sorry for itself “This is all my fault”
Comforting the Heart spoke “Learn to feel and listen to me and understand that its a choice in everything you do”.
The heart and the mind rested for hours remembering how brighter things are when partnered.

Next Friday night approached and the young man chose a different path No cigarettes, No alcohol or gambling.
Saturday morning the young man woke up after a good nights rest. His co-ordination problems were still present but that morning he felt different,
he felt happy and looked upon the world with an understanding that life is what you choose it to be. Positive or negative.

Mmmm, interesting story.

I guess the lesson is;

look after ourselves better and we will reap the rewards.

Trouble is, MS and other serious neuro conditions take over all too often.

Even so, if we know we did the best we could do to help ourselves, then anything else is what it is.


ps thanks for sharing


fantastic writing! several years ago i admitted to some that i had caused/contributed to me getting ms. i heard all the usual-dont blame urself, its just one of these things, and other such comments in an attempt to make me feel better but all they did was upset me more. i have never smoked or drank alcohool for 15 years and very occassionally before that but i have put my body and mind under great emotioal stress-dads suicide, abuse etc and when i talked this through i began to understand what had went wrong with my dodgy body. this is just a very quick overview-the truth is alot more detailed.

but i have never blamed myself-i felt that looking honestly at how my reactions contributed to me getting ms helped me hugely in coming to terms with what i now face daily. i am not suggesting for one minute this is right for everyone but its the correct way for me.

the body is a wonderful machine but very few look after it properly from the start so its doomed to get bits needing replaced or not working efficiently…

accepting some responsibilty for my actions (including the ones i thought i had no control over at the time) has empowered me to deal with the daily challenges now. we are all unique-just like everyone else i hope that you all find your way of coping…


I enjoyed reading this too, it rang some bells for me, I now know that I had this disease all along but can’t help but wonder if I’d looked after myself better, (that includes my emotional self) then it may not have gotten so bad, who knows!

me too.

i’m still a smoker and i’m ashamed of that.

i no longer enjoy alcohol, it tastes nasty.

nice writing mr widestrides

carole x

Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile: