Shop mobility help pls?

Does any one know of where there is a ‘Shop-Mobility’ in bridgend town pls? Also, are there any help towards the costs of getting things such as ‘Walkers’ , ‘Scooters’ etc pls?

Ty in advance


(removed by moderator)is the address for your mobility shop. The NHS (OT/physio) should provide walkers etc for you free of charge.

Mobility scooters if you have PIP mobility then you can have one through them if not then you can purchase them yourself remembering to make sure you request VAT exemption.

As mods have removed the address for the mobility shop just google it and the address comes up no problem.

You should be able to self refer to Neuro Physio who will assess your needs. They will supply any walking aids you need. If you are unsure and don’t feel confident enough speak to your MS Nurse she/he will be able to point you in the right direction.

Jan x