Shooting pain in lung area ??

Hi, Has anyone experienced shooting pains in the lung area. Also tingling in same area ?? I have relapsing reporting Ms. Thanks for any replies

Can you tell if this in the lung or the chest?

At the front, side or back?

Hi ncm123

I think, as a matter of routine, all chest pain should be checked out by a medic; there are many things it could be, most of them not so serious. MS may possibly be the cause, but I’d get it looked at, if only for peace of mind.


I suspect it might be the MS Hug. I suffered from this a few years ago although I thought it was just under my bottom rib, it was very painful, every breath I took it increased the pain (enough to make me think I might have a broken rib), it did ease eventually although it seemed as if was never going to stop, but it did. But as others have suggested it might to be best to get your self checked out by your GP.