shooting pain down middle fingers

just getting tired of trouble some shooting pain, especially painful down my 2 middle fingers on both hands. Had an awful shooting pain that lasted a few minutes starting from my front teeth up behind my nose and to the top of my head. tips of my fingers on my left had are numb along with palm and tingling sensations. Heavy left arm and left side up to my hip. Feel dreadful today. Does anybody else get symptoms like this please.

What you describe is experienced by a lot of MSers :frowning:

It sounds like you would benefit from a neuropathic painkiller - something like amitriptyline, gabapentin, pregabalin or maybe carbamazepine if your facial pain was trigeminal neuralgia. If you’re already on one of these, then you either need a higher dose or a different med. Best to talk to your GP or MS nurse (sorry, I can’t remember if you have one) - btw, begging can sometimes break through a “not without neuro approval” response!

If any of this is new or much worse than normal, then it would be worth checking that you don’t have a UTI (these can happen without the normal UTI symptoms and still cause havoc with MS symptoms). If you don’t, then it may well be a new attack in which case you should see your GP and get an appointment with your neuro. (I’m assuming here that you are still “probable MS”.)

Karen x