she didn`t get through (not MS)

Hi gang! Daughter no 2 has just texted me, I didnt get through mum. There are some amazing stories here`.

Shes been going to Slimming World in Crewe. In December last year she wieghed 13st 5lbs. Now she is 9st 11lbs. She looks fantastic. Shes a very pretty, 34 year old with blue eyes and blonde hair.

This year she hasnt only lost 3st +, shes also got rid of 16st of ugly fat…her lying, cheating, lazy, arrogant soon to be ex husband.

Shes been at the regional finals today for Slimming Worlds Woman of the Year.

She has 2 girls (the 3 of `em look like a set of Russian dolls!) and is a PA to 3 paediatricians at a hospital.

She certainly is our Woman of the Year.

luv Pollx

hi poll

well i vote for her! well done-you can do most things if u train ur mind.

ellie x

Ta ellie.

luv Pollx

Well done her - not only are you really proud of her but I hope she is of herself! Teresa xx

Yeh, me too.

luv Pollx

Hats off to your daughter, what an inspiration to hundreds of women, congratulations to her!


Hi Poll

Well done to her, you must all be very proud.

Pam x

Oh well done to your girl Poll!!!