Shattered hopes

I am not going to bore you all with the back story but just to say having fallen 1 time too many times and in the street, I went back to see my GP, March time. Then into April, as a follow up as was still stumbling and falling, not new a new symptom just worsening. Anyway, very quickly I was referred to a gait laboratoy and an appointment came through asap - the exam was awful my leg went into spasm, my toes bunched up it was excrutiating. That said, after the consultation a letter was to be sent to my GP and the rhuematologist, who had orignally diagnosed fibro, which is now in question. Great I thought, a promised action plan of going back on Bacclofen, Duloxetine and Pregablin, with the rider ‘if we don’t get the spasm sorted out’ you will continue to fall. Whilst, waiting patiently I received a letter to say that I had a referral back to see the neurologist but guess what it was not the same one, who had said previoulsy that he would be happy to see me.

So what am I angry about! 10 days ago I rang my GP no letter from the gait laboratory, ok I thought wait another week and then ring back. So I did today, and guess what still no letter. The secretary said that she would do some ringing and get back to me and she did, great service. This was her response, the gait labaratory was closed until Monday and the neurologist that I had previously seen was only a locum and had now left. As a result I was being passed on to a general neurologist as the department was so busy. Then the cheek of it I was told that I could pay privately to see a speciallist that I was meant to see a year ago but got passed over. I am just wandering that I might just pay as I can’t be seen until the end of July. What a day Lou x

Aw no, what a pain in the backside. Do you know, this happens to so many people. Pay privately?! What? Will they pay for you? Cheeky gits. It’s up to you hunni, but I know the feeling of being messed about I can tell you. Hugs to you chuck xx

Yes absolute cheek. I may well go back to the consultant’s secretary who recommended the neurologist that I should have seen a year ago, I wonder if he would resend the letter requesting that he saw me personally. I do feel messed around as I thought that I would be at least back on some medication. Oh well, as we all know, this was never going to be a quick fix. Lou x

Virtual hugs xxxx