Shaking almost uncontrollably.

I recently had bouts of much of my body shaking almost violently (arms,legs, hands mainly), my balance was terrible at the time I was shaking (enough to make me grab hold of something that wouldn’t move to help me stay upright where I was trying to stand and not fall over). Does anyone anyone know if this could be a new symptom (I have relapsing/remitting MS) or, since I was taking CBD:THC capsules at the time that the shaking occurred could the CBD tablets be the cause, since I haven’t had them since I stopped taking the capsules or is it just probably a coincidence? Thank you in advance of any replies received.


I would say it was the THC. I dont believe in coincidences. I wonder if it caused low blood sugar in you? A glass of orange juice would see if that helped. Anyway it isnt normal for you, so perhaps you need to speak to GP. If you have stopped the shakes and the THC capsules and its stopped the shaking well then i would think that is what caused them.

I did a quick google and it seems a common side effect.

but if in doubt i would talk to GP hun.

I’m confused. THC isn’t available in the U.K., except in forms such as Sativex (which NICE currently doesn’t see as cost effective for treating MS). So wherever you obtained these CBD/THC capsules from might have been conning you. The shaking could have been the result of something else in the capsules. Or it could be an MS symptom - tremors are a known symptom. As CC said, if you stopped taking the capsules and the shaking stopped and doesn’t return, blame it on the capsules, throw them away and don’t take any more. But if you start shaking again, get some help. If it’s really violent shaking, even go to A&E. Otherwise see your GP. Sue

Thank you for replying, I definitely won’t take the capsules again as it was a horrible experience not being able to control my body, much as I had hoped the CBD oil might help my MS (which was the reason for me trying it in the first place).


I got the capsules through a friend who’s just been to Spain on holiday and said she’d talked to the owner of CBD Brothers when she was out there and he recommended those capsules for me so she bought them. I’ll think twice before taking anything else she recommends I try even if she is trying to help.

I won’t take them again!

Thank you very much for replying, it puts my mind at ease knowing it isn’t just me who blames the capsules


I think your experience is a lesson for us all. Don’t take any drug you’re not 100% convinced about the provenance of. If it doesn’t come from a pharmacist or a reputable source, don’t take the risk.

And if you have any unusual and scary symptoms after taking a new drug, regardless of whether it’s been prescribed or not, speak to a pharmacist, get advice from a doctor, just get some professional help.

I’m very glad your shaking stopped when you gave up the capsules. The drug in them might have been mixed with something nasty.

Or, of course, it could still have been unrelated to the drug capsules.

Regardless, if the shaking starts again, or if you get any other odd symptoms, see a doctor.

(I just looked at the law relating to cannabis in Spain - they have some very strange laws. It’s illegal to sell cannabis. But not illegal to grow for personal use or take it. So if your friend bought a drug containing THC, it was an illegal sale.)


I mistakenly thought if the CBD Capsules were made by a well known company (CBD Brothers) it must be legal, I didn’t expect the after effects of taking them either. I won’t make that mistake again!


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Morning hun, all their oils contain about 0.2% THC they cant make it without that. were you on invicta or sativa as they have different effects?

You may well have just been sensitive to the amount.


Yes, due to the nature of the extract all cannabis (hemp) based extracts will contain trace amounts of THC. There is an unwritten rule that an amount up to 0.2% is acceptable in the product. However, the Home Office will say that the extract must contain no THC whatsoever but as this is unworkable, and also in such small amounts that it will not have any psychoactive effects, they tend not to act on it; they have far more important things to be doing. All our oils contain trace amounts which can be found on the lab reports.

could also be the other oils. I would however, just be aware it might not be that. I have had internal shaking with my MS but NOT uncontrollable. I hope it doesnt happen again for you.

This oil is LEGAL in spain as long as it does not contain more then 0.2%.

The sale of CBD oil-based products is illegal in some countries. The use of cannabis for commercial purposes is illegal in Spain. …

In Spain, any product that has CBD oil as one of its components cannot be sold if the THC level is above 0.2%. SO YOURS WAS LEGAL IN SPAIN.

Your friend did not break a law so dont worry.

also its LEGAL in the uk now as well as long as its 0.2%. which yours was ok.

I dont want you stressing over it lol. make your MS worse, but sue is wise i would never take anything that i wasnt sure of. a lot of drugs are mixed and messed, but as you know it was genuine product from a reputed company its fine, like i said you just may be sensitive to its contents. even the oils, BUT never assume its just that, just keep an eye on things, but like you said once you stopped the shaking did too. Its a known fact THC can give you the shakes. xxxx

Hope you feel better today. My neuro was asking me if i took the oil, as they are trying to find out if it would be ok to push for the prescription but no one is coming forward as i think people are too scared too, as long as they buy it from a reputable company its totally legal.

When I started a new medication I started to have the shakes, I had been taking one capsule a day with no problems, but when it was put up to two I had a reaction. I looked on the leaflet and found that it was a side effect I still take them but I don’t get the side effects now. This medication was prescribed by the doctor so it was all above board.


I foolishly trusted what my friend said, I’ll think twice the next time she suggests something. I hope you’re well today and thank you for your comment.


I wasn’t on anything for my MS. I’ll certainly be wary of taking something new to me after the last time.

I hope you’re well today,


I take nothing for my PPMS. It may be worth trying things out but listen to your body. It’s hard to be comfortable with everything. Thank you for the information.


I know now not to try things because someone else suggests it that even if that thing supposedly helped them. I have refused to try things before, I should have stuck to my guns this time too. I certainly will learn from the experience!


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