shake rattle and roll

Hey peeps :-), Does anyone else get the shakes really bad after doing something (supposedly) simple such as getting washed and dressed ? Krissy

Hi Krissy Yes, I shake doing really simple things! Sometimes the way I hold my phone my hands shakes I never noticed it until I was showing my partner something on it and he was like hold your phone still. The worst for me is often when I try to stand after sitting down my whole body shakes. In my house it doesnt really bother me but when out or at my work it becomes worse as I get really nervous about it. Polly x

Yes unfortunately but mines constant from the time i awake to the time i sleep , i used to give

my crew panics when i was at sea using a knife or hooks these days i gotta bend my

head to my cup to drink which normally ends with a hand shake head shake resulting in me

dipping my nose in my coffee my kids laugh til it hurts when it happens , after 14yrs of

it i guess im lucky in that i don’t care what others think … im just me

Hi Krissy, Like you I to get the shakes when/after getting washed and dressed, making a cup of tea. Unfortunately it’s just one of the many joys of MS. I would advise you to speak to your MS nurse or neuro they may be able to help. Hope this helps in some small way. Janet x

Hi Poll, Yea People will say hold it still…erm I thought I was ! I find that getting washed and dressed even with a lot of help leaves me shaking so much I feel like I will crumble in a heap! It takes between half an hour and a couple of hours of rest to stop it . Its not until i’m on a remit that I realise just how hard things are when i’m bad…if that makes sense ! Krissy x

Thanks Janet, I am seeing my neuro very soon so I shall tell him its getting worse. Sorry that you gals have to deal with this too. Krissy x