I watched this film last night,

It’s about C.S.Lewis who wrote The Chronicles of Narnia.

An American woman loved the book and wrote to him asking if she could visit and bring her son who was also a fan of his books.

They became friends and then fell in love, got married, she got sick and died.

He was played by Anthony Hopkins.

Far removed from the Slaughter of the Lambs.

It got to me.

It seems that i’m a soppy cow!

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I wont say anything if you don’t tell anyone that I enjoy RomComs…


It is a very good film.


Mick it’s not a romcom, as Anne said it is a very good film. Hope you enjoy it Mick.

Cheers Carole,

I know it is not a romcom, I was just saying that I enjoy a very wide variety of film genres, some of which might be considered soppy. I look forward to watching Shadowlands.


Oh Carol…I am not a fool! Just read your thread Re: ‘Shadowlands’ I had put it on hold to resume for a later viewing. Now I know the ending!!! Thanks for that!


Oh anonymous,

Sorry for missing off the spoiler alert.


I watched “The Death of Stalin” last night and you would never guess how that turned out.

Oh no you’re going to say he died aren’t you?

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Love this film x