sex with ms

Hello all
Im a 26 year old male and have had ms for approaching just over 5 years now but within the last 12 months my sexual urge isnt as it used to be

I used to go like a duracel and now cant hack the distance as i could and climaxing is not as it was,christ i dont know whats going on,

If youve got it flaunt it, well i flaunt it but dont have it these days

Wondering how everyone else feels about it and any same situations


I'm female and have had episodes of this over the years.  I was diagnosed 11 years ago, and I'm of an age that getting nearer to 40 than 30!  I often have to make my partner change positions as I've "run out of steam" to maintain the effort in a positon (woman on top in particular, which is a shame, very worryingly the phrase ride him cowgirl sprang to mind).  And the difficulty in coming to orgasm can be a problem even with my little helper, it doesn't always give release (I describe it as sitting at the top of the slide but being unable to get down). 

The other problem is that the more this problem occurs the more you expect it to happen.  Alcohol works well as a woman to get your mojo back but its probably not recommended for a man!

I too find that i can sometimes go for a while and sometimes not so long but to climax sometimes is difficult,

Being 26 i didnt think id lose the sex on the brain all thw time but these days it doesnt seem to be as much,

Life without orgasm doesnt sound to good to me but neither does the chance of orgasm at the slighest of touches.ha


It might well change, these things go up and down (oooh errrr).  I have days/weeks (months my hubby would say) when I really couldn't care less, But then something changes and I'm like a teenager again!  Lets hope you get one of those sessions soon!

Hiya Chris

Ah, Chris, you must be passed your peak.  They say us lads reach the prime of our 'ability' in late teens and early twenties.  Oh and women reach their peak in the 40's.  I'm in trouble with my wife then! LOL!




Hi Chris i've had MS fpor 10 years suffer from Erectional Dysfunction too But i have a wonderful loving partner npow Who also has MS and she understands hat i can't stand to attention or finish the parade but to have a loving sex life you dont always need to complete everythinh holding cuddling kissng and foreplay can be just as exciting It also depends on how you feel in your mind