Sex and bladder control!

Hi all I am looking for some advice on a very awkward and embarrassing problem! Recently, now on a couple of occasions I seem to have some urine loss during sex - which as you can imagine isn’t great and rather embarrassing - a bit of a passion killer! And because of this i find myself trying to avoid getting passionate as much as possible, which my husband isnt always pleased about! Has anyone else experienced similar and found a way around it?! Thank you in advance Liana :slight_smile:

You may want to speak with your doctor about a referral to a Urologist who would best be able to advise you. Or what about stopping taking fluids a couple of hours beforehand, in the hope you will be able to empty your bladder. Good luck

Hi, I’ve had this and you have my sympathy, it’s no fun at all. I got referred to a Urologist. I started self catheterising which helped greatly.