severity of possible symptoms


I know there is no clean cut answer to type or severity of symptoms but reading the posts here a lot of peoples symptoms are very clear in that they are certain they are experiencing them.

Are pins and needles mostly really obvious? I’m sometimes not even sure if I have them, mine feel more like a slight buzz or fuzzy sensation and I notice it more after driving. I have a rattle under my car and it kind of feels like the vibration carries on when I stop.

Is the ache and heavyiness in limbs hurt? Mine feel like it’s going to be hard to move my leg/arm but in reality when I move them it’s fine.

I also experience the sensation that movement is going to hurt, like when you’ve had a dead leg and you move your toes for the first time as it comes back. I expect to get that intense, shock sensation but I don’t.

I have multiple places that twitch but this is occasional and stops if I move or reposition and sometimes is a one off twitch so not sure they count.

I had a one off episode of feeling like I had touched a plant I’m sensitive to and then touched my face. It was just a weird tingly, irritated feeling across my cheeks and felt like my lips were swollen but they weren’t. This lasted an evening and was gone when I woke next door. I also get feelings like I have a stray hair on my face. Again this never lasts more than a few hours.

Also the length of my symptoms doesn’t seem typical. All of them come and go. I may have the fuzzy feeling in legs for a couple of hours but not sure as I don’t feel them when I’m busy. I just notice when I stop what I’m doing and think about them. None of them last for 24 hours non stop but may come and go every day or so.

I’m not even sure if I’m actually feeling them, the twitches I know are real but they can be a one off twitch, maybe in the leg arm or butt. I think I only notice them now because of this.

I guess I’m wondering if I would have more obvious, consistent symptoms that last longer than mine do each time?

What type of MS do you have?

At the moment I don’t have either. Sorry I should have made that clearer. I have quite a few distant family members with MS. I’ve never actually considered MS even with the symptoms but of course it pops up whenever you consult good old Dr Google. I have however read a lot about vitamin deficiency and am astounded at some of the symptoms these throw up. I never knew how severe this can be.

see your gp for blood tests looking at B12 and D3 levels.

I agree with Carole.

If you’ve looked up MS and discovered that the symptoms you have don’t ‘quite’ fit, then you probably don’t have MS. Not that if you’d said they matched exactly I’d say anything different. Basically, self diagnosis from an internet search is almost never a good idea.

So, I’d suggest seeing your GP, explaining what symptoms you have and asking for an opinion. In particular, should you be tested for vitamin deficiencies?