Severe Foot Pain

Last Christmas i had severe foot pain. So much so i went to a local walk in centre. They xrayed it and said nothing was broken, a physio came out and said there was nothing wrong and also it wasnt gout. It was a mystery to them.

Last week it came back as before the pain was the same, also as before it came and went in four days.

Has anyone else had any thing similar?

Yes, in right foot - felt as if foot was broken in the middle - not massively painful but a bit odd. This sensation comes and goes - a nuisance but not particularly troublesome.

Ditto to valleyboy.

Yep, I get the same feeling in my left foot - feels like I’m walking on a foot full of broken bones or something is about to break if I put any weight on it (not to mention the pain)

Was originally diagnosed as arthritis, but after years of treatment / medication and it not getting better along with other symptoms appearing, I’ve now had a few MRI’s and due a Nerve Conduction study in the next few weeks.

I feel like I’m walking on sharp stones in my bare feet, very painful especially in the evening. The pain is excruciating at times.

I can sympathise with you about the pain - it’s either that for me or, for a change, the feeling that I’ve wrapped my feet in crinkly tin foil and they’re being roasted from the outside.

Makes a change from the tingly prickly mess that they feel at other times.

My feet feel much worse as soon as I get into bed, they start burning so much I feel like they’re going to spontaneously combust but if I stand up it stops…?