Severance payment

Hi everyone, Does anyone know anything about this,I am in the process of a tribunal and my job have asked me if I would consider a severance payment to end my employment through acas.I am unsure about this could i don’t know if I would be able to get another job.Also if the payment is like being made redundant it wouldn’t be a lot of money and wouldn’t last long and I would have to live off of it,as unsure if I could get any help.I have a pension at work as well also if anything happens to me my nominated people would get four times my salary so would lose that.Any help please

Hi, has your firm said they want to finish you due to MS and your incapability to do the job you are employed for?

As you say you are in a tribunal stage, I guess it has gone further than that. But I wonder if your firm is treating you illegally.

I think you need legal employment advice. Have you got a union? If not, try CAB.

luv Pollx

You’re not obliged to go along with it. I don’t think they’re out of order merely for asking whether you’d consider it. I imagine, depending on circumstances, it might be quite an attractive proposition for someone who didn’t really want to stay in the job anyway, and wanted a way to end a stalemate.

But all the factors you’ve listed are reasons for considering whether it’s right for YOU. It might be, it might not. It does depend on things like how much you’d get, whether you’d ever realistically get another job, whether you’d have enough income from other sources not to mind, and so on. And I suppose, above all, it depends how much you really like and want the job. If it’s your heart’s desire, it might be that no amount of money would ever induce you to give it up, but if you’re thoroughly sick of it, leaving with a golden handshake might be a way out of a rut.

You really need legal advice, but even they won’t be able to tell you what you should do. They’ll be able to explain your options more clearly, and what the pros and cons of each may be, but you’d still have to decide - someone else can’t do it for you.



I am in a similar position but at the beginning of the road,. I had a meeting with my managers last friday as they want me to take on extra responsibilities that they say should already be part of my job description. I broke down during the meeting and between sobs told them im not sure i could cope with more training. The job i do is pretty pressurised already and you have to be able to work fast, which i cant anymore. They have asked me to write a list of the things im worried about and have problems with ( such as my memory and mixing up words/numbers) so they can come up with a plan to help me. I have spoken to the union and they say that the fact im ill shopuld be a consideration ( my managers said I have to be treated like everyone else and if I cant do the job will either have to leave or go down diseplinary route) and that i should get a letter from my gp listing my symptoms and advising that less pressure and stress should be applied. I just wondered if they can then use this list as ammunition to get rid of me, as i am basically giving them reasons im no longer up to the job.

Hi Pat,

Thanks for your reply. Ive got myself im such a state over this and im not sure what to do for the best. I have an appointment with my gp next thursday and i am going to explain it all to them. Hopefully they will then give me a letter to give to my managers explaining my limitations. i dont know whether its better to do what they want me to and fail ( as ive told them i will) or stand firm and say im not doing it. The major thing im worried about is that they will try and sack me because im not upto the job.

Hi Pat,

Would you be able to message me, if you have time. I am in a complete state over this and my DLA claim and feel totally trapped and cornered by it all.