Sertraline for itching


I was wondering if anyone has tried a medication called Sertraline its an antidepressant but being used for itching. .



I haven’t tried this however I recently came off Gabapentin to start Pregablin. While I was at the low end of Gab so I could start Pregab my scalp itching came back and didn’t ease off till I was at the higher dose of Pregab. So I know for me both of these drugs not only help with pain they help with itching too.

Hi Nancy,
My hubby tried Gabapentin years ago for tremors.
It knocked him out and also made one side of his face drop like a stroke. Told to stop them immediately and his face came back to normal.

Day one of sertraline today…we will watch and see.

Good luck with it, hopefully someone will have experience of this and respond soon.

Anything that helps stop itching would be wonderful, I hope it works. Please let us know.