Good afternoon my dear friends.

I’ve just had Maria round, for my weekly fix of reflexology.

Now a month or so ago she lost her beloved mum. Her mum was 90 and died peacefully. This was the same time that we lost our 16 year old pet Lucy.

Please don’t anyone be offended, but I was hurting badly over my loss, but I know Maria was utterly devastated by the loss of her mum. We’ve talked more in depth about our feelings today. She says her grief is getting worse and doesn’t know why. She met our new Sophie and saw how much she has helped us.

I said it was easy for me to get another dog, but she can never get another mum and I know the grief of losing mum and dad.

We always play soft and gentle music when she works on my feet. The CD is called Serenity. Track 6 is just so beautiful. I told Maria what it made me think of and shared this with her.

I imagine me, with legs that work, our Lucy with agile, springy legs, Maria and her mum, fit young and with the most beautiful smile, all skipping through a meadow. Its grass is long and soft. It tickles our bare feet as we head for a soothing, glistening brook. When we reach the water, we all dip our toes in and giggle with delight as the cool fresh water runs between them. Maria’s mums quietly says, ‘Ah now, that’s lovely!’

Now friends, if this can help any of you, even in the tiniest way, be soothed and refreshed.

I hope Maria felt better.

Much love Pollxx

PS to the above.

Maria said her mum loved to dip her toes in water!


Sounds lovely Poll - quite a few of us might want to join you for a toe-dipping session.

Until I got my constant tingle and frequent pain in my feet, I never appreciated the ease that comes with cool water running over hot tortured tootsies.



l have a dear friend who is a Reflexologist. And l know that when she ‘treats’ her patients she ‘feels’ their pain - perhaps pain is not the right word. But any problem she finds she feels it. And it does take a lot out of her. l can remember her telling me that she treated a young lady - and felt something wrong with her ovaries - now this is all through the feet. And she worked on that spot and could feel a ‘release’. She said nothing to the patient - but she did tell her own husband what had happened and said she bet the young lady would soon be pregnant. Nothing about not being able to get pregnant was mentioned before the treatment. And wonders of wonders - 3months later she found out that the lady was pregnant and absolutely over the moon.

Now, Maria, your lovely reflexologist, after treating you, must have felt better in her self - as you Poll - also have ‘the touch’ - just by what you said to her. Your sensitivity and ability to connect with people always comes through. Maria must enjoy her appointments with you - and Sophie of course.

Happy Easter to you and your Happy Feet.