isn’t it great when things fall into place?

after a sh*tty time with the burglary, my luck seems to be turning for the good.

i’ve been wanting to try hydrotherapy for a long time and finally found a place in bolton but its the other side of bolton and my car was stolen so i thought “drat!”

then the local ms society sent me a letter inviting me to hydrotherapy sessions with one to one physio

then my home insurance have been absolutely fab. even though the burglars got in through an unlocked door they have said they’ll pay for the 2 laptops, which i thought was good. but my husband was just speaking to them and told them that i’ve had to buy new glasses because mine were in the car. they’ve said they’ll pay for them too.

it seems that for every thieving weasel there are at least 2 nice people!

so i’m a happy bunny

carole xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Carole

Glad to hear things are getting better for you, I hope this continues for ages

Yvonne xx

Hello Carole,

Glad things are on the up for you now.