Sensory problems causing paralysis in right arm

After finding a suitable spot to inject myself I inserted the injection and as I was about to press the button to release the medication a sharp pain hit my right arm with a numb patch. I lost all power to press the button I could only touch the button no power to press down. I had paralysis of the right hand and arm overnight.

My partner helped by pushing the button down. I could not hold the pen or pick up the top and close the injector. I had to be fed yesterday. Today the power and sensation seems to be returning to normal but I have noticed if I use my right arm more than needed it gets tired and the sensation goes again.

I rang my GP and arranged a telephone appointment with him tomorrow, I was advised to attend the A&E but declined. If the symtoms don’t improve by friday I might have to pop down to A&E.

Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? How long do they last? How do you manage them?

sounds to me like there is something going on, you need to get down to a&e as you need to be assessed by a specialist. if you gp sees you they are likely to send you in so you might as well get down there. I understand you are scared and anxious about what is happening and may not want to go, but you really need to be seen. take care xx