Sensory gone into overdrive


All day long i have the feeling of running water down my leg,arm, neck and back. Does this mean that any lesions are active? also during the day my legs are very heavy and when im resting or trying to sleep i have numbness in my legs and at the very top o my thighs.(bedclothes can bring on some of the superficial numbness, then i have a deeper kind of numbness). Are all these symptoms classed as sensory?

Thanks Christine

Hi some could be sensory issues. The heavy legs are they heavy around the lower legs or calf muscles? They might be your calf muscles over contracting connected with your balance.

They just seem heavy in general, my thigh muscles can be very tights and painful.

Hi Christine :slight_smile:

Is the leg heaviness when you’re on your feet? I often get heavy leg feeling when I climb stairs, that’s apparently nerve weakness?

I’m a bit confused about what’s classed as a sensory symptom too, I’d say your water running feelings would be, but only because that makes sense to me.

Recently I’ve been experiencing sporadic heat; started off in my left hip, then in my left thigh too. Now I get it in both legs, lower body and my back. Sometimes it’s so intense it’s almost burning, but the skin temperature’s no different. Would this be classed as sensory? I’d have thought so, but who knows?

Yes heavy when im on my feet and worse when going up stairs.Also experience cold patches…

My hot patches feel icy cold every now and again, just to keep me on my toes…your body does really bizarre stuff when it’s not working properly any more, doesn’t it!

The heavy leg feeling’s horrible, isn’t it. Oh wait, how are you with things you pick up, do those ever feel way heavier than they actually are? I get that, a jar of jam that feels like a brick…

Iv not noticed things feeling heavy when i pick them up, but sometimes things touching my skin feel heavy…alot heavier that they actually are. My body feels like full of surprises, i dont know whats going to happen next.