Hi fellow MS sufferers,
I am a 69 year old 37 year sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis.
Originally diagnosed PPMS in 1984 and spending the next decade in either a Hospital or a Hospice or in several other disability related institutions until 1994 when upon receiving a rediagnosis of RRMS I was then able to 95% Self-rehabilitate myself by following my own regimen of Diet & Exercise. I am still walking each and every day in 2021 and beyond.


29 years for me i manage my MS myself as i have no faith at all in any of the neuros i have seen over the years, all but one who was very good but sadly retired.The last idiot said my MS was classed as benign! I am bedridden most days can only walk a few steps ever since diagnosis and have no life to speak of as i am that ill,but he says benign lol so thats why i don’t have any faith and thats from a so called MS specialist!!!