Self Help

Hi, I’ve stumbled across a really good web site, which if you’re into self help techniques, you may find useful. If you do a search on “Bills self help” you should hopefully find it. Heather

Thanks Heather - I have found the website. My strategy is to devise a programme based on DMD’s, diet, exercise, spiritual well being etc. Plenty of food for thought here, much appreciated. All the best, Peter

Hi, Glad I can be of use. I’ve never been offered any drugs, except Modafinil for fatigue, which at the time I declined as I was really underweight and believed that if I could get that sorted, then a lot of the fatigue problems would go away. I was right. I’m basing my healing strategy around diet and meditation. And exercise when I can manage it. If I can get out in the sun, all the better. Have to admit, I feel better now than I have in a long time, even with this heat. I bought some cool scarves from a company I saw advertised in the last New Pathways magazine, and combined with a fan, they’re really doing the trick. Got to collect my youngest from school though at 3.15pm, as he’s got too much to carry home on his own. It’ll be a good test for the scarf. Heather