Self help books

Hi folks

Although not PPMS myself I do have a few friends who are. Whilst there are books out there to help PWMS the ones I have come across seem to be aimed at RRMS and preventing progression. I wondered if anyone know of any books to help people with progressive MS.

Thanks for any replies.

Wendy x

Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but it does list some alternative treatments, which might be useful.

The MS Trust and MSS also have publications concerning PPMS.

Thank you Whammel, very kind, I was really thinking of alternative books but I don’t think there are any specifically for PPMS, cheers anyway. I’ll take a look at MS Trust.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy, I haven’t found any.

The only PPMS book I have, bought online when I was first dx, is American and quite technical explanation of what PPMS is… and really for people caring for those with very bad PPMS. Was very depressing.

The slighly out-of-focus photo of leaves on the cover should have warned me… LOL…

Pat x

Hi Pat

Thanks for replying, I must say that I haven’t found anything promising online, only technical articles about new drugs on the horizon. I suppose I was looking for some positive information that would help my friends manage their ms, such as my George Jelinek book ‘taking control of MS’. Cheers anyway.

Wendy x