Self harm in PWMS

I wondered if anyone has self-harmed or has considered self-harming through frustration with their symptoms? I have had, for many years, excruciating nerve pain in my feet (from shin down). It encompasses the whole area, and feels like I’m wearing a tight boot made of molten skin. I’ve been through all the usual “standard” anti-epileptic meds, often they turn it down for a time but recently, it’s on overdrive. I can barely stand to move my feet, or put them on the floor. If I have to “use” them (like going to work!), I can’t sleep because of the pain.

But here’s my self-harming question: I fantasise about attacking them, about cutting them, even cutting them off. Has self-harm amongst PWMS ever been studied? I’m under a pain clinic but there is so little out there for nerve pain, it’s so disheartening.

I’d love to hear your thoughts


I self-harmed a little when I was a teenager - deliberately burnt my skin with the end of a cigarette. At the time I hadn’t even heard of self-harming and would never have believed that anyone else did anything like that. It has never occurred to me to do it since or in connection with my MS.

I will be very interested to see if you get any other responses to this - it is a taboo subject. I have never met anyone who has admitted to self-harming.

hi sarah

nerve pain in your feet is the pits.

i described nerve pain to my husband as being like neuralgia.

but you don’t have to walk about on your face!


carole x

Hi, I get nerve pain in my heels when in bed. I have to have them off the bed by putting a stout pillow under my lower legs. But during the night, the pillow softens and i have to ask for help or adjust my leccy bed many times. It drives me nuts!

I have big feet too! I often catch them or bang them when driving around in my wheelchair.

So although i haven’t self harmed, I’ve often wished my feet away!!!


A couple a months ago, I was having severe pain and spasms in my right leg. I seriously thought what if I cut off my leg. Would it help??? Even though I was In pain, I thought about phantom pain and the pain and bleeding from cutting leg off. LOL