I now self catheterise, not very often because I absolutly hate it with a passion.

I have had a lot of irritation ( best discription I can come up with ) so the doctor gave me a few sahets of lubrication and said to put a little on the tip.

It has helped.

Question is where can I get this sort of thing and could I use KY ?


We used to get them off the district nurse at work but now the gp prescribes them


hi there, personally, i think it is a lot easier and less fiddly to get pre-lubricated catheters. Ring the company who supply your catheters and ask to speak to someone about the different types of catherter. Hope this helps, love Bex xxx

Hi Ronin

I remember when I started I had problems doing the job and asked a nurse if KY jelly would help. She said no harm in giving it a try. However, although I bought some, I never actually used it - I stuck with it, got used to it and it became easier to do. Now it’s a doddle to do and I never really have any problems with it. Every now & then it can be a bit harder to get it all the way in, but I found if I lean forward it helps. Or I just pause for half a minute & take to a few deeps breaths to relax me (being tense doesn’t help), and then it’s fine. The only annoying things about it are just the length of time it takes to do the whole thing, and it often makes my leg spasm while I’m doing it. But other than that it’s been a life saver and I wish I’d started doing it earlier.

I’d ask to be referred to the continence nurse though, as they will probably have more hints & tips.


Hi thanks every one.

I don’t have any problems useing them, a cough when we get to the sphinkter and ir glides in.

A few weeks ago I thought that someone on here mentioned that they used it.

Anyway thanks everyone.


Hi all I am looking for some advice, my continence advisor tells me that I am retaining and have had two utis in three months. Is the best option to self Catheterise and how often do you have to do this. Many thanks Helen


I’m in a similar situation to yourself. I’ve been told to catheterise each night just before bed. I haven’t been back to the nurse since I started this but things seem to be going well.

Sarah x