Selegiline for fatigue

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this. The only information I can find seems to relate to parkinson’s disease. Katie


I have no personal experience of selegiline, but know someone who takes it for fatigue in MS. I don’t think it’s the first choice drug and many GP’s would say it’s an ‘off label’ treatment. It works for my friend after she tried amantadine with very little success. Like all these meds though what works for one may not work for another. Hope it works for you, good luck.

L x

My dad takes selegeline as he has Parkinson’s, (he doesn’t like to talk about it / tell people, so to respect his choice on that I’ve gone ‘anon’ for this post). It does seen to have helped him considerably with fatigue - so maybe as the last poser suggested it may be used off-label for fatigue in other conditions - I am not too sure though . also, my dad has said that he has not noticed any side-effects from this medication - I know everyone responds differently to medications but thought I’d mention that also. x

haha, sorry - I meant ‘the last poster’, not ‘the last poser’. whoops, sorry!

Thanks. I haven’t decided whether or not to take it yet. Think I will have a chat with neuro when I see him next week.