Selective Peripheral Neurotomy for Spasticity

During a Dr Google session I came across a procedure done by a doctor in California which reduces the excess nerve noise that a spastic muscle gets. The Doctor is a Dr Justin Brown from San Diego. Basically they measure the impulse and reduce it down. The muscle relaxes and people who have been in wheelchairs due to spasticity are able to walk. He says it can be used for spinal cord injury, stroke and MS.

I asked my neuro about this procedure this week and she had never heard of it. Over here they just blindly cut all the nerve leaving the muscle totally paralysed and so therefore only used for people who are imobile anyway.

Basically FES wont work for me as what is stopping me raise my foot is the tight spastic calf muscle.

Moyna xxx

Hi Moyna,

I’d be curious to know what the procedure is called, so I can research it and see if my neuro has ever heard of it ? Can you please enlighten me ?

Look forward to your kind advice in due course

Best wishes,


(PS: Truly sorry the FES is no good for you !!)

Sorry Moyna - title of your post didn’t register before I typed!! What a plonker I am, eh ?!!