seeking any one like me

hi,im Lynda,and was diagnosed with MS in 1998. recently ive been having odd symptoms,that i just presumed were my MS playing up.

i asked my neurologist to do an MRI, which he did.

i then was sent for a CT scan with dye.

they found(by accident!) my right carotoid artery is completly blocked,and they cant operate. they have no clue t whats causing this,n will b gettin lot o tests,inc a lumber punture.

ive got a stroke doc now. its been suggested i go on simivastatin as i had high cholesteral readings.

he said im the first MS patient he has diagnosed with this prob! apparently 1 in 50,000 get this,and its usually older people.

i was 40 on 30/08/15! he said it was v rare for someone as young to suffer this prob!

the symptoms i was having were in fact “mini strokes”!

does anyone out there have the same prob?


Hello there,don’t be worrying,thousands of MS peeps have blood circulatory problems which are ignored if they are brought to the attention of neurologists…Why ask an electrician about a plumbing problem.Google CCSVI to see if your problem is similar,but DONOT mention anything you discover to the neurotics.There was/is so much politics and the £10 BILLION the drug companies make globally out of MS

I spent £1100 on an MR Venogram in Frankfurt,it shows that five years ago my carotid veins were knackered.but they didn’t give a ***t.When I’ve got a spare 25 grand I’m going to California to have the Liberation Procedure with stents.A bit late for me probably …

Good luck with what you find and how you can get things done if there is a need


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Hi Lynda

It really is like Stephen said: “Why ask an electrician about a plumbing problem.”.
There is a lot of evidence that there is some connection between blood-flow and MS, but no-one has yet figured out what it is, or which condition causes the other.

Doses of statins will stop cholesterol from getting worse, and can reduce it quite a long way, but they cannot reduce any blockage. There has been a study that says very high doses of Simvastatin can be beneficial for people with SPMS, but there is no good explanation as to why.

If you are prone to getting blockages (looks like you are) then a regular dose is likely to stop you from getting any more.
Me? Well O got the blocked arteries first (then a bypass op) and the MS came along a few years later.
You? Consider it lucky that they found out in time.


thanks guys for responding :slight_smile:

im now on simivastatin,and also folate tablets as i was found my vit B12 was low.

i had on tue a lumber puncture( not ever had one!) and yesterday they were looking at the kidneys and the arterys there (ultrasound)…the doc said it looked normal!

ive had loads of different blood tests too and am now waiting to see what they r going to tell me! ill b requesting blood thinners t try and stop the TIAs ive been having,which r scarey lol

as it is,they really dont know what to say to me, but have said they r unsure which is causing what lol…

i was stunned to b told this and that they “cant” operate.

i know about stenting and the baloon method of unblocking arterys.

lets hope ill have some answers soon.

Lynda xx