Secondary Progressive?

How do you keep smiley face when you look ok but are trying to cope with the hidden problems? :grin:

I repeatedly tell myself that you can have MS and be miserable or you can have MS and be happy.
Being miserable and dwelling on the negatives will achieve nothing.
You can’t force happiness, but perhaps you can work on acceptance. You can’t change the disease so just keep plodding on. There’s loads of us with it. It is what it is.

Hi there, I’ve had SPMS for 18yrs now, went straight in at SP and I’ve promised myself that I will not let this get me down, or make me miserable, don’t get me wrong, I have my moments tears, anger, frustration, then I give myself a good talking to, but for 90% of the time I stay cheerful and keep smiling, because it’s like jmc says, just keep plodding on. Take care and try to keep smiling.