Secondary Progressive MS plus oral cancer

Hi - I am a new member. My husband has secondary progressive MS plus angina, diabetes and previous stroke. He has lost all mobility and is no longer weight bearing. However his sight is good and through all his traumas has retained his sense of humour. He was diagnosed with oral cancer in October and had an operation in November to remove his lower right jaw and the inside of his right cheek plus the neck lymph nodes. His right pectoral muscle was then used to rebuild the cheek and cover the metal replacement jaw. His consultant was really positive that he had got all the cancer as he wanted to avoid RT because of my husband’s MS. My husband cannot have chemo because of the angina. We have now found that the cancer is still present so there is no alternative but to have RT - we were told initially this would be for 4 weeks as the team is worried about it affecting the MS adversely. This Friday we found that the treatment has been extended to 6 weeks. No one in our ‘neck of the woods’ has any experience of RT and its effects on MS. Is there anyone in this group who has similar multiple illnesses? My husband and I feel we are on the edge of a precipice! He already suffers fatigue with the MS and we have been told that RT will also make him tired. It would be really good to contact someone who is in or knows someone in a similar situation. I am sure he cannot be the only person with MS who has cancer. We would really like to contact someone who has been through something similar.

Oh luvs! Sorry I cant offer any advice which would answer your question.

But I just wanted to say how sorry i am that your hubby has all these awful problems. It is hard enough coping with one illness, let alone all the ones he has.

Sending you some special Christmas love and hope for a good outcome.

Your hubby sounds a wonderful man and how lucky he is to have such a loving wife as you.

luv Pollyx

Thank you for your kind thoughts Polly - they are much appreciated. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Love Purdee x