Searching for answers


I, like many others, have been searching for answers for quite some time. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, and once they see that dx they (they being the medical profession) put everything down to that. So, apart from the spinal issues I have been dealing with for years, other symptoms have developed and copious amounts of research keep bringing me back to MS. I’m not a hypochondriac - I just want answers as some of these symptoms are damn scary!

So…lately I have had problems with both elbows. Dr said tennis elbow but to me it is more like nerves misfiring (I have nerve pain in my leg so I know what it feels like). Not only are they incredibly painful, but they seem to ‘seize up’ as soon as I try to use my arms - even pulling the duvet up sends my arms into spasms. It is best described as someone holding both of my arms above and below the elbow and squeezing as hard as they can. The pain spreads up to my shoulders and down to my hands.

I have had several ‘clumsy’ instances lately - I sustained a very bad burn on my arm because, although I felt the pain, my arm wasn’t able to pull away from the steam quickly enough, leaving me with 2nd/3rd-degree burns.

I have fallen up the stairs a few times lately, which I never used to do, I just don’t seem able to place my steps right.

Talking of which, if I am out walking with anyone I will invariably walk into them, and yet I am not aware of walking anything but straight until I bump into them!

I have a very strange vibration in my left arm - it feels as if I am leaning on my phone when it goes off.

I have also been dx with gallstones, but I’m not convinced it is that, either. I have read stories of gallstone attacks and while my episodes are extremely painful they are not ‘colicky’ - it is more of a pressure pain, mostly on the right-hand side of my ribs, going into my back. The first time I had it I was sent to the cardiac unit as apparently I was describing a heart attack! This only ever happens at night and makes it hard for me to take a deep breath.

Am I way off track with this? At the start of all of it, I was hit with severe exhaustion, sleeping 18 hours a day and although that eased I do get tired easily.

Anyway, if any of this sounds familiar I’d love to hear.

Thanks :slight_smile:

hi dee

have you seen a neurologist?

if not, ask your gp to refer you to one.

if he/she refuses you could try going private.

it costs a few hundred pounds but any further sessions is with the same neuro with his/her NHS hat on.

good luck

carole x

Hi Carole

Thanks for the reply. No, I haven’t seen a neurologist yet - I am in the process of changing GP surgeries as I had a few problems with my old one. I am hoping to start anew with a different one because something definitely isn’t right, my body isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do, haha.

I’d love to go private, but I’m a single mum and money is tight. I do work, but all my money is swallowed up with bills, so it’d be almost impossible to scrape the money together for a private consultant.