i would like to hear from anyone with my experience transferring from SDA to ESA

I was diagnosed with m.s in 1997 . I first claimed SDA in 1998 and was in receipt of it until I was invited to claim for Esa in Oct 2015 . As a result of this I was asked to attend a health assessment . I was awarded 0 points by a so called Health care assistant and my claim was rejected. I asked for a mandatory review , I was awarded ESA for six months on reconsideration as I had just undergone surgery to have a thyroidectomy . After six months the dreaded form again appeared . Again another assesment , The HCA this time gave points enough for me to be placed in support group for one year this being June 2016 . The dreaded form appeared may 17 after completing this it took till April this year for me to attend an other assessment by this time my third bearing in mind during my claim for SDA no such assessments were required or even a sick note from my gp.Again I have only received 12 points of 15 needed to go into support group so I have agin to ask for mandatory review .this is just causing me so much stress why when I have progressive ms not going to improve is it necessary to have to endure this annually I live in Scotland the money being paid to everyone involved in my grief is much more than I am ever going to receive . I would appreciate any help in where to go for help as I am at the end of my tether .

Hello Bettyboo

I don’t have any experience of SDA to ESA, but I would advise that you have a look at for help with your claim. It’s worth joining the site for their members only guides to PIP and ESA. Otherwise, see if you can get help and/or advice for your claim from the CAB or another welfare rights advisor. At the very least, see Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) - Citizens Advice

I wish you the very best of luck. It’s a horrible thing, claiming benefits that you’d previously relied on being granted for life.


Thank you for your reply I will check out the link .