Scottish Provident

Hi all. I’m conducting a quick straw poll. I was recently diagnosed and am in the process of claiming on my Critical Illness policies. I have 3 separate policies. I completed all 3 documents on the same evening and sent them back to the respective companies the next day, using the pre-paid envelopes provided. 2 of the companies have acknowledged receipt but Scottish Provident actually phoned me to enquire whether I had sent the form back as they had not received it. Call me cynical (or suspicious), but I was very surprised by the call. Is this a common delaying tactic? Stupidly, I had not taken copies so have had to wait for a duplicate to be sent to complete and return (no pre-paid envelope this time!). Anyone else had a similar experience? Al

hi ally

my policy was with friends provident. i rang them up to tell them about my diagnosis.

the guy i spoke to was lovely and very sympathetic. we had a good chat about ms and he told me that his mum has it.

everything went smoothly

maybe i was lucky

carole x

I had two policies, Standard Life and Scottish Provident. The whole claims process took 14 days with Standard Life but 3 months with Scottish Provident! From experience working with them when I was a financial adviser, I think their admin is just a bit slow. They scan a lot of stuff of receipt, but that can take 5-10 days, so there may be an overlap if someone phones in or chases you. In the end they both paid up so I have no complaints!

I had nice experience with Scottish Provident. The guy I talked to, was good enough to co-operate with claim settlement process.