Scooters again!

HI all. Now investigating mobility scooters, starting with very expensive Quingo. Does anyone have one, and if so, is the fifth wheel worth the extra money? It looks great on the video, but would really like to hear from someone who’s tried one. Is the extra wheel just a gimmick or does it really make them safer. You must be paying extra for something!! Thanks again. Binnie R.x

I’ve just watched a Quingo video and my first thought is …“WHY”. That thing is doing absolutely nothing that a well ridden four wheeler cannot do more cheaply. Looks like more pointless stuff coming out of China with no real Research and Development involving the people who use this gear day in day out.

I bet that the Motability scheme will offer the Quingo. That scheme appears to be a huge rip-off by over-inflating the prices and offering nothing that a good mobility shop will do We could call it the Quid-go then



As someone with 13 years experience of MS and previous experience as a Director in the ‘motor trade’ - the video looks good. I have lost my driving license of 42 years ‘experience’. The motor trades first ‘rule’ is to make money (and my late father had built up 4 garages). By all means ‘go for it’ but ‘HAGGLE’ the price down. Go for it but get a good price!

Marcus. x.