Scooter Service

I bought a scooter 2 years ago which I have had serviced yearly. I had the last service done towards the end of January & at the same time had 4 new tyres fitted due to wear & tear, it gets a fair amount of use ‘walking’ the dog. Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, yesterday my husband decided to give it a clean & check over before I went out. He does this fairly regularly but was the first time since the service, as due to the awful weather I hadn’t used it as much. What he found was, on the two rear wheels one was missing the nut & washers altogether & the second were nut was very loose which he could unscrew by hand. This has never happened before and my husband has had to have the wheels off before to repair punctures so it was quiite alarming as the should I have taken it out the wheel(s) could have come off at any time , one was already further out than the other. I contacted the shop who supplied the service as I needed to order the replacement parts & he couldn’t apologise enough as I think he could tell I was fairly shook up.

If I had have gone out without my husband deciding to check my scooter first there may have been serious consequences as he was sure that one wheel would have come off? I was very lucky to have my husband who is able to check the scooter & my wheelchair, but there are a lot of disabled people who have not got this.

I really don’t want to alarm anyone & I apologise if this is the case, but I think it’s something people should be aware of as mistakes can be made and I’ve learned that from now on I’ll be checking those nuts everytime I go out.

Best wishes, Sandie

Hi, oh I am so glad your hubby did check the scooter over for you.

Thankyou for posting this, as it may hep others.

Enjoy your outings and take care…doggy too…love dogs.