Sclerosis of the eye

I have 2 areas of demyelination and autoimmune hypothyroidism. Today I had an emergency hospital appointment as I’ve got sclerosis of the eye and have to have steroid drops and come back in 3 weeks. I’ve just had my neurologist appointment and other than blood tests I don’t see him again for a year as ‘currently’ I don’t have MS. If I had of had the sclerosis of the eye before I saw the neurologist would it have made a difference to the MS diagnosis?

Hi Dextermum, I don't know, but I think your neuro should be informed.

Have you a letter with the sclerosis of the eye diagnosis? If not, your GP should have been informed by the hospital of the dx. See the GP and ask her/him to contact the neuro with the dx.

If there is an MS nurse attached to the neuro clinic, contact her/him with the new information.

As I said, I don't know if it wil make a difference to your MS dx, but it's certainly information that the neuro should have.

Hope it clears up and you are feeling better soon,

Pat x

The sclerosis that occurs in MS can only occur on myelinated nerves. The only myelinated part of the eye is the optic nerve which is actually outside the back of the eye. So I would imagine that the sclerosis of your eye is not demyelination and therefore not MS.

Saying that, the eyes often reflect autoimmune problems, eg uveitis in MS, so this sclerosis may be a sign of something and therefore important diagnostically. No harm in passing the info on to your neuro - if he thinks it’s important, he can bring your appointment forward.

Karen x

Thanks. Have emailed the secretary and she said she would let him know when he got back.