♫ School's out for summer ♫

That is all! Off for 5.5 weeks now. Happy, happy, happy.

Tracey x

Did you not hear that Michael Gove has canceled the summer holiday this year?

Oh, and don’t I know it! Absolute bedlam in town this afternoon. I asked for a bus fare from the station to the centre, and was asked: “Just one?”, which seemed a bit of an odd question. “Er, yeah, there’s only me!” Then charged the exorbitant sum of £2.80 for it! I’ve not made the journey (about ten minutes) in quite a while, so I said: “Um…it seems a bit of a lot.” He said: “Oh, sorry - I’d just assumed you were going to the zoo!”, which also explained the bizarre “Just one?” query.

“Er, no, there is just one of me, and sorry, I’m NOT going to the zoo!”



Hi Tracey,

When I was a teacher I shared your elation. Long drive to the South of France would be on the cards.

Now I know that the little darlings will make my life a misery for the next few weeks as they mooch around and get into mischief on the footpaths round my bungalow! During term time I at least get peace during the day.

Enjoy your holiday – recharge your batteries and sleep in late (you could even have an afternoon nap or two)


Tracey, I’m so jealous!

Seriously tho, have a wonderful break :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Yippee! Me too!!! Xx

Woo hoo…me too…sorry! : ) Mish x

Don’t. Mention. That. Man!!

He has made us loads of extra paperwork rewriting our Attendance Policy and Holiday Request forms to take account of this rushed through policy which isn’t so bad on its own but coupled with schools setting their own term times could be disastrous. If Heads don’t liaise carefully and you have 3 siblings at different schools it could be a nightmare. My friend borders 3 counties and has already experienced this but she was a single parent and holidays were out of the question anyway.

Tracey x

Hi Jane

I already have an afternoon nap everyday because getting up at 7am floors me, By 3pm every day I’m ready for bed

What the holidays mean for me is getting up at 8ish or later and skipping the afternoon nap. Somehow it makes my day longer. Hope the little darlings aren’t too much trouble for you. Our younger ones are okay but the post 16s are a nuisance, we regularly have the police out to move them on when they gather en masse late at night.

Tracey x

Sorry, Tina

That’s the only drawback of working at a school. I always have to take my holiday when all the kids are on holiday too. It means no more cheap, quiet holidays.

In fact Jamie and I have only had 3 holidays in the last 11 years; one just before I started work there, with my parents in February in Scotland; one in Yorkshire in October half term (that particular company didn’t hike up their charges for half term week) and one to Munich in August in 2010 when I had my critical illness insurance payout. I’m not sure when I will have another one unless I raid my funds again.

Hope you can avoid the little so and so’s for most of summer. I wish I had half of their energy!

Tracey x

I must say, I’m really not keen on the summer holidays! Most of my regular activites are not on during the summer holidays, so i am stuck here even more than usual and I miss seeing people and the weeks seem very long. Also, living in Cornwall, as I do, there are people everywhere, traffic jams and all the prices go up. I would really love a holiday, as i haven’t ever had one, but alas, no money, love Bex xxx

Hi Tracey! I am now off too untill September. This last term has dragged so much. To celebrate the hols and the fact that my critical illness paid out, I treated the family (hubby, matt 14 and lauren 10) to a brand new caravan to replace our old one in The New Forest -can’t wait to sit, relax and pick up on my cross stitch again. I hope the holidays for everyone else who have commented on here aren’t too bad for you with nuisance children. Take care everyone x Dawn