School in Northern Ireland (Not MS)

Very good Marcus,

That was a nice happy thing to watch


Glad you enjoyed it, Mark - my wife (an Opthamologist) is 'orignally from Northern Ireland.


I’ve just read your ‘profile’ Mark. I didn’t know that you are from Northern Ireland. My wife is from Bangor and now works in Edinburgh. Her brother (a teacher) has MS as well and he stays in england.



(I stay ln Dalgety Bay in Fife)

Yep - Friends School in Lisburn - excellent piece of work promoting the school -well worth a look on YouTube or the above link that was posted…

Yes Marcus I’m from Northern Ireland near a town called Strabane in Co,Tyrone

I know Bangor its a good bit from me but I was a lorry driver and was around Nothern Ireland and Southern Ireland all week and got to see all this wee country lol

and parts of the UK too I was up in Scotland a few times only as far as Edinburgh but.