Scary stuff..

Hi all,

Have had a really stressful time at work over the last couple of weeks and have been getting really weird symptoms: a few days ago I got leg cramps in both calves and feet for a few hours and was hopping about for a while trying to get rid of it - then Saturday had massive chest pain that seems to be in my intercostal muscles - only for about five minutes, just before we went out for the night… And then today, during a particularly stressful day with lots of child protection issues and people getting angry and shouting at me, I felt my tinnitus getting worse. I’ve had a kind of loud white noise going on for a while and can generally zone it out, but there’s been a low pitched hum developing, as if there’s a fridge in the back of my head, and today while one guy was shouting at me it got quite bad.

Now both noises are just there all the time and it feels as though I’ve got water in my right ear (blocked and deaf - but I CAN hear normally - just feels like I can’t)… and the back of my head is throbbing like my spine does when I move my chin down to my chest (l’hermittes-style). And when I move my balance is sort of gone - haven’t fallen over or anything but need to run my fingers along the wall as I walk, to steady myself, and am only NOT feeling dizzy when I don’t move at all - it’s a bit like being really drunk

I’ve just started a masters degree, and am working five days in four so I can do the course one day a week (plus one day a week home study) - but am wondering if I’m being silly trying to do all this plus have a life (I’ve always been a very busy person). Have also just got a new job (which I’m hoping will be less stressful than this one), which I start in the new year (same arrangement re time). I’m also still smoking and am wondering how much damage this is doing to me and if I just need to stop now (have planned to stop in the new year). And I didn’t get a chance to eat today due to being soooo busy - this does happen now and again… But today I’m scared and realising I can’t do everything. In the new job I’ll be on a six month probationary period and am worried that I’ll wear myself out in this job and not be fit for the new one, which a) wouldn’t be fair on the new place and b) would leave me without a job and pay (benefits there are really not like the NHS!)

Just wanted to moan as I’ve been a bit freaked out today - I’ll go to the doc tomorrow and see what he thinks. With any luck he’ll tell me I’ve got an ear infection and give me antibiotics… I’m not diagnosed and my first neuro appointment is in January btw.


Hi Blue Sky. Sounds like you’ve had a bit of a wake up call. You know the changes you need to make, be kind to yourself and make life a bit easier! OK, Reiki therapist hat off :slight_smile: I, too, am waiting to be diagnosed. I have my first neurology appointment in about two weeks and have recently been knocked of my feet with fatigue. I too get cramps, dizziness, brief chest/rib muscle pains and tinnitus. My almost 5 year old yelled in my ear and that set off a loud hissing. Aside from telling her not to shout in people’s ears, I also explained that mine have gone a bit wrong and sound like this (insert impression here) and loud noises make it worse. I wish you luck in working out your priorities and in getting the help you need with your health. All the best :heart:

Thanks Reikiblossom (lovely name :-)) - yes, I kind of do know the changes I need to make but am a bit in denial I think, and definitely annoyed that I don’t appear to be able to pretend to be superwoman any more…

Good luck with your neuro appointment - am sending good vibes xx

Hi Bluesky Cramps in my legs and feet is something I get often that I end up hopping about or stretching my legs right out. I like you was always very busy, travelling everywhere with work and even working from home at the weekends. My family said I was a workaholic! :slight_smile: I returned to work recently and really tried getting back into how I was before being diagnosed but my body was telling me to slow down and I have. You will adjust over in time to listen to what your body is telling you and when your doing too much. I had people telling me “oh you cant do that” or “thats too much for you” I give everything a go and I believe im the only one that judge if I can or cant do something! I was open with my employer and said the role I was in was too much for me and adjustments have been made and my job is less demanding and stressful. I totally relate to why you are freaked out as Ive been there but honestly in time you will know yourself when your doing too much. I hope everything goes well with your appointment. Polly x

Thanks Polly,

Good to hear from another workaholic! I went to the doc yesterday and he was great - he just rang and said he’s got me into the rapid access clinic so I should be seen by a neuro and get head MRI in the next couple of weeks - he was really not impressed with how long they’ve been wanting me to wait so it’s such a relief to feel someone on my side…

I’m feeling a bit fragile still so the mix of emotions of feeling supported, and thinking of first neuro and MRI coming up so soon just made me cry a fair old bit and now I feel a bit better and might even get out of bed soon (off sick today - first time in ages and not pleased with myself but can’t think straight)…

Blahing on again - sorry but it’s all a bit mad at the moment - thanks for support,


Hi Blue-sky

I can sympathise - sounds like you work in health or social care. I work in a hospital and about 6 years back opted to do my masters by distance learning as well as start a new job which required 4 hours travel in total per day. I woke up at 5 and didn’t get home till 8 at which point I’d eat and study till twelve then sleep and start all again. That was pre-neuro stuff and after a crazy year of doing this I found a job which cut my travel to 1 hour per day. Unfortunately I have to be honest and say your masters will cut into your social life - never mind the money I rarely had time for socialising and my masters was three years and that was when health was good. My partner is now doing his masters as well as doing a demanding job and we’re getting married next year and hoping to look for flat - his social life is pretty much zilch.

Unfortunately something has to give - you can’t do everything and the last thing you want is for your health to suffer. Have you made the University aware that you’re being investigated for a health issue - it might just give you a bit more flexibility timescale wise. How supportive is your manager at work - you don’t have to tell them and remember if you choose to tell your manager it has to be kept confidential.

I’ve had on going neuro issues for the last two and a half years though luckily I have managed to work through all of it. I’m possible MS my consultaqnt is repaeting MRI’s as well doing a VEP and LP to try and help get a more firm diagnosis with the aim to get on some treatments. I just want some answers now so I can get on with my life and get help when I need it.

Good luck with journey and don’t worry about moaning - we all need to do it at some time or other and everyone on here is v understanding.



Thanks Reemz,

Good to hear someone else has managed it! And thanks for support - good luck with your journey too,


Well I only work 4 days a week but they are 9hr days and have 2 kids and am exhausted on my days off trying to get housework done plus sometimes do extra hours or courses. I would love to be off work in some ways but in other ways I like the distraction and normality work brings even if I struggle sometimes. I am in limbo Axx