So I seen a Neuro in December - He sent me for nerve tests and MRI - Had nerve tests and the guy said hes satified its not a pinched nerve etc - so now they are looking at CNS - bricking it - I thought I would go today and they would say its nothing much or an easy fix x Now im scared there is something very seriously wrong with my CNS! I know its not a life sentance if it is but stil so soooo scary!!!

hi dollydays

i understand how scared you must be feeling.

but it’s not as though there is a shortage of treatment options.

have you got an appointment to see your neuro to discuss it?

actually i have had some good times since my diagnosis.

some crappy ones too but that’s how life is, with or without ms.

don’t allow stress to make it worse.

learn how to relax, try mindfulness meditation.

carole x

Thanks Carol - I am looking for a mindfullness course at the moment.

Its just all a whirlwind - since december 2015 my health has just took a nose dive and I just dont know where my furute is heading. I am yet to receive a follow up with my Neuro but my MRI is next sunday so i am assuming it will be shortly after - or maybe another few months wait.

In a strange way I am hoping they find something to explain my symptoms!

Thanks you for your reply x

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hi dollydays

do you have an ms resource centre nearby?

that is where i learned mindfulness.

i have HBOT (Hyper Barric Oxygen Therapy) there too.

lots of things have the ability to make a small difference to us so i have as many as i can.

good luck

carole x

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Hi Dollydays

It seems like an odd thing to you, but I believe it’s actually fairly normal to want the doctors to find something, anything to explain your symptoms. Even a diagnosis of MS, with all the worries and questions that throws up, can be much better than living in the land of limbo.

So good luck with your MRI. I hope they don’t find anything like MS, but simultaneously I hope you find some answers.


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