scared for her

Hello everyone, I hope all are well. I’m new to this so please bare w me…my fiance and absolute love of my life was diagnosed a cpl of weeks ago w MS quite honestly she’s taking it better than I am…A very strong woman I must say.her doctor told her it’s not a big deal ,…to take her time deciding on which medication she wanted to go on…she was told by the dr. That he recommended copaxone and so far she’s decided to try. But…we were floored when we were told what the cost would be …monthly…her share is 2500.00 though we both work we can’t possibly afford this I tried to get her to do a JP. wedding to get her on my medical ASAP but she says the dr. Said not to worry …well I am worried and if anyone could possibly shed alittle light on whether or not she should worry would be appreciated…August is the wedding and should she wait…please help me to understand…sorry for the ramblings

Hi geofftiff,

I am puzzled that you have been informed by your doctor, that you will have to pay for your drugs, £2500. Are you not registered with the NHS, because then your drugs should be free, if approved by your local health trust/authority. The only cost , if you are in England would maybe a prescription charge.

I myself have been using Betaferon for 8 years, delivered to my door by Bupa, under the Neuro Dept of my NHS Trust with no cost to me at all.

I hope you are able to sort this out, sometimes doctors mention how much it will cost so that you are aware of what the NHS is doing for you.

Yours. Andy


Like Andy above, I am puzzled by this, and can only assume - because you have been informed of charges and “contributions”, that you and your fiancee cannot be in the UK?

On the UK NHS there is no charge for disease modifying drugs (DMDs). Not even (as far as I know) a prescription charge.

In the light of this, I don’t really understand the rest of your post. What is a “JP wedding”? (another thing that makes me think you are not in this country, as this does not sound like something we have here).

If, as I suspect, you are in the U.S. could your fiancee still get added to your health insurance, once you were married, if she already had a diagnosed condition BEFORE the wedding? In this country, it is pretty much impossible to get medical cover for anything, unless it was already in place before getting ill. I do not know if it’s the same in the States, given that you do not have any equivalent of our NHS people can turn to. But it seems unlikely you can add someone already ill to an existing policy. Have you checked this is definitely possible?

I don’t really understand, either, why her doctor said not to worry. Did he mean not to worry about the cost (i.e. she will not have to pay it, or a way will be found to pay it), OR did he mean she should not worry about a delay in starting, because he is assuming she will be able to claim on your insurance once you’re married?

MS is a lifelong illness, as I’m sure you know, and the reality is that many people have probably had it several years before symptoms got bad enough to lead to diagnosis. So in that context, I don’t think a delay of just a few weeks starting medication would make any difference to the lifetime prognosis. Yes, starting early is recommended now (more so in the States than here, I believe). But I don’t think it is so time critical that a few weeks either way would make any significant difference over the course of a lifetime. So I don’t think timing (now versus in a few weeks) is the real issue. In fact, some people suffer side-effects from the meds - the more so in the first weeks or months, so she may not want to start before the wedding anyway, in case it might make her feel bad on the day.

The real issue is whether she can be added to your medical insurance at all, and that is something I just can’t answer, because I don’t know how it works over there (assuming you’re not in UK).