scared and fed up. what's wrong with me? symptoms list

Hi there, My name is Nic and I am 30, live in Scotland. I feel like I’m going round and round. After a year of seeing my gp atleast once every 2 weeks, I am being sent for a CT scan. I have been told my symptoms are everything from depression, ear problems to stress. My symptoms are as follows: Headaches Muscles contract sporadically Hand tremors Weak arm and legs Dizzy Black spots in vision Pins and needles Numb hands and feet Cold hands and feet Confusion, forgetfulness Falling over Dropping things Feel like spiders running on skin Painful jaw. Painful joints and jaw are only on my right side Exhausted but trouble sleeping Please help me. Do any of you have similar symptoms? Nic

Hi Nic, maybe you should ask your GP to refer you to a Neuro. He would then need you to have various tests done to be able to give him an idea of what might be the trouble. Some of your symptoms may sound a bit like MS but only a Neuro would be able to tell you what’s happening. What you’re feeling could be any number of things, so you need to get things going.

Good luck

Rosina x

Yes i get most of these but not diagnosed either. I have had all these on and off for 14 yrs, had 2 brain scans that were clear so was told i was depressed, had me/cfs, anxiety etc but last year my 3rd one had lesions on. Lumbar puncture negative and evoke potential test negative. It’s so frustrating to not know what’s going on.

Hi guys, thanks for ur messages. I asked my gp to refer me to neuro and he said there is no point just now because he would just do a CT scan, so we may aswell wait until I get that. Symptoms are getting worse. I can’t go to work. The stabbings pains all over my body are agony, and even though I am exhausted, I am struggling to sleep ar night as symptoms seems to get worse at bed time, particularly the muscle jerks. I am miserable. Paracetamol doesn’t tough the pain, I just can’t get through each day now. Nic

I had a ct scan first which showed shadows so i was then referred to a neurologist and he ordered an mri. I get the stabbing pains too, in my head and in my side near my spleen and its usually an indication that a relapse is on the way.

There is a point in getting referred now because it can take months to get an appointment and they will do other tests not just order scans. Personally I would ask again, and if he still says no, go to a different doc to get a referal.

go to an A&E hospital that also has a neurology department.

give them your shopping list of symptoms and don’t be shy about explaining the pain you are in.

they will think about giving you a CT scan and will no doubt go through the motions of checking to see if you’re having a stroke (docs seem to love stroke victims these days).

when this pantomime has concluded, you should at least get a sit down with the ‘neurologist on call’ who will either sort you out with a MRI there and then, or at least have you on your way to an appointment for one.

press for a cervical, thoracic and cranial scan. and please have the courage to tell them of your dissatisfaction should anyone dare tell you “there is no point in xyz”, especially if what you are suffering is compromising the quality of your life. annoy the piss out of them!

good luck!

I already tried a&e last week. Had my symptoms diary, and was in tears with the pain. After bloods and check over was told there was nothing they could do. There was no reason for me to be at casualty as it wasn’t an emergency. I would uave to go home and see my gp. They told me to take paracetamol to tide me over. I asked for a scan and.the said, we only send for a scan if it’s serious, as in you are fitting or in a coma. Lovely. I have a 4 year old disabled child and I can’t look after her properly. I have been to out of hour doc 4 times, and my own gp 5 times in the last 6 weeks alone, as well as the trip to a and e. I’m scared I’m going to loose my job. My home is a mess. I feel like everything is falling apart, but no one is taking me seriously.

hi nicnic

you have neurological problems for sure, maybe ms maybe not.

whatever it is, it is causing you to have fatigue.

difficult to explain to outsiders but it is enough to deal with, without the pain.

once you are seen by a neuro he/she will be able to advise your gp on which neuropathic painkillers to prescribe.

a word of advice - stop fretting about your messy house, it’s a side effect of your illness.

what you need to do with your limited energy is proritise.

​1. look after yourself

  1. look after your child

  2. take pleasure in the simple things (cuddling your child, enjoying a beautiful day, listening to music etc)

  3. begin to eliminate stress from your life (very important)

  4. hang on to those friends who show some understanding

is your gp writing you sick notes?

take care

carole xx

I am totally overwhelmed with the support I have received from this forum. I have been at my GP twice since Wednesday and he has agreed to put me on painkillers, how kind, lol. So I am now on cocodamol and ibuprofen, which is taking the edge of headache and some joint pain, but nothing else. Good news us, I telephoned the hospital myself and agreed to take any CT appointment at any hospital, so u now have a CT scan next Friday. Meanwhile, I am wearing wrist splints and knee and elbow supports and walking with a limp. Walking the shortest distance leaves me breathless and exhausted. And all my joints have started to randomly click. Again, I want to thank you all so much. It’s difficult this journey, and I am glad I have people I van turn to, who believe me and dont judge me xx

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I am new on here. Have been visiting my GP for about 8 months. Aching heavy arms, no strength in my legs , achy hands, foot spasms, woken up by numb arms at night. She has only done blood tests upto now , was diagnosed at first with Vit D deficiency after a course of tablets , levels are back up. Symptoms still the same. Flaring up every few weeks. Went back to my GP this morning at the start of a new flare up, she has frightened me to death with the possibilty of having MS. i have been referred to Neuro. " I dont want to alarm you ". Her words!! Well Mrs GP you failed… :frowning:

Hi Nic

My main symptom is pain, for me the whole of the left arm and shoulder region with electric shock like pains should I forget and look down at my feet/tuck my chin to my chest. Other weird and seriously annoying sensory short circuiting from complete loss of feeling to overly sensitive areas, and like yourself I was constantly exhausted but couldn’t sleep because of the pain.

Your GP should be able to prescribe other medications such as Gabapentin / Amitriptyline (thats what I am on at present). It might be worthwhile asking him about these - they’re not pain killers, Gabapentin is an anti-epilepsy medication and Amitriptyline is an anti-depressant, they work by ‘scrambling’ the nerve signals to and from the brain, disrupting ‘pain’ signals.

My GP prescribed Gabapentin before I’d even seen a Neurologist because it was obvious that ‘convential’ pain relief was not working.

There are a lot of medications that are not ‘pain killers’ but that disrupt or block pain - and your GP is able to prescribe these without you seeing a Neurologist first.

Good luck with the CT results.


Quite frankly, if any medical professional ‘suspects’ MS in any patient and then fails to refer them to a neurologist and seek out an MRI appointment, they are a useless wanker.


People are complaining of pain, numbness and myriad other compromising ailments and GPs etc cannot even pull their fingers out to allow the sufferer to sit on yet another waiting list?

Makes my fucking blood boil.

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Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I have been quite bad this week I’ve had trouble getting a deep breathe. I believe I have experienced the hug? Pain all around my rib cage. My tummy feels like it’s contracting. I have terrible pain both at the top and bottom of my back. I am weaker than ever.phoned doc today. Still no CT results, so I’ve made an appointment for Wednesday, beg for a referral. Whatever this is, it’s affecting my muscles and nerves the worst, so I want reffered. Been off work 6 weeks now, think I’m gona loose my job. I need to find out what this is. Ordered more cocodamol, and the doc gave me half a box, said he doesn’t want me to get dependent on them. Too late. I’m in agony every day, can function minimally with the pain killers but it’s still no life. I don’t want a diagnoses to have a label, I just want help and to understand what’s going on. It’s scary when u don’t know what your dealing with. But from reading others stories, looks like I may be in.limbo for a while yet. Hope you are all as good as can be x


Just been reading through this forum as I am in limbo at the minute and have many of the symptoms you are describing. How are you getting on? Are you any further forward now? x