Scared and confused

Hey everyone I am 18 years old from Massachusetts, USA. I am scared and terrified because I might have MS. I have numbness and weakness in my legs, cognitive problems. Extreme stiffness in legs… I went to the neurologist and she ordered MRI on my spine and brain with and without contrast. Here is that the radiologist said. Medical talk: For the spine there was some volume loss in the cervical cord in the lower cervical and the upper restricted region. Mucus retention cyst in the mastoid air cells. Minimal T2 hyperintensities is also present in the mastois air cells. BRAIN. The sella is unremarkable. Few nonspecific T2 Hyperintensities in the periventricular and the deep white matter of bilateral cerebral hemispheres. A lesion is also noted i the genu of the corpus callosum. T2 hyperintensties is notedin the mastoid air cells. Multiple Sclerosis is a possibility. My neurologist also ordered a whole batch of blood work and everything was normal neg for lyme and other diseases that could be similar to MS. Just my vit B6 was elevated which is odd, and an enzyme in the liver was elevated.

My neurologist made an appt for me at the MS clinic on the 28th. I am nervous. I know you guys are not doctors but I now some of oyu may have gone through this. I am wondering if someone can maybe explain this … Thank you! :slight_smile:


In the list of posts for this forum in the “stickies” at the top is a beginners guide to the brain and MRI my Karen (rizzo) that a mine of information. I know next to nothing but your experience sounds familiar. There are now many drugs to slow down the condition and help with symptoms. Sensory symptoms are an indicator of a better prognosis. Life doesn’t stop and can still be good - some more thought is needed on how to acheive those goals.

Best wishes.