Saying hi,, new to this.....

Hi,I’m Angie,
Just joined now, i haven’t had a diagnosis of MS , I’ve not been feeling right/well for can’t think how many years now ,feels a long time . I seem to have been passed around to so many different doctors, they tell me they can’t find anything or help me, i just feel like I’m just left like this to get on with it. While all the time something new comes along to the mix, fatigue, pain, vision, today my leg keep going into horrible tight leg cramps, I’m so tired i can’t even try to sleep as my leg’s going into cramps, i came across this forum and i recognise so much of me / my issues.
So just looking for advice and see if it’s MS that i could have. I also have other symptoms as well.
So hello everyone. :heart_eyes:


Getting a diagnosis can be very difficult. Have you seen a neurologist yet?

This blog is from a leading neurologist and might help explain the process.

Diagnosing MS: what to expect? - by Gavin Giovannoni (

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