Say for example...

If you get a diagnosis of primary progressive ms & you haven’t had children yet & your in your early 30s would you be told not to have kids or would it just be best not to? I’m not diagnosed yet but if it came back as primary progressive as I’ve heard of younger people being diagnosed with this form.

I don’t think you would be “told” anything, these days. Unless it would actually be dangerous for you, I don’t think any doctor would presume to tell you whether you should or shouldn’t have children. That’s something you’d have to decide, taking everything into account.

Why to you think it’s likely to be primary progressive, out of interest? Have you had steadily deteriorating health, from which there’s been little or no reprieve? Or have you had distinct “attacks”, from which you recovered - to a greater or lesser extent?

If your illness has been characterised by marked “attacks”, it’s most unlikely it would turn out to be primary progressive. Note that recovery does not have to be complete for it still to be RRMS.


Hi, I agree with Tina. You will not be ‘told’ what to do.

IF it is ppms (& although some younger people are dx with ppms it is generally people over 40 & 50 to 60 is the average age) you could still of course have children, but yes as Tina points out you would have to take everything into consideration. What help & support you have… etc etc.

But really, cross bridges when you come to them. Wait for your dx (if you get one) & think about it then.

One day at a time,

PatB x

Not quite the same as I’m RRMS, but I was just asked if I was planning any more children as you can’t have certain drugs while trying to conceive or when pregnant/breast feeding. I’ve got two young children and we had already decided not to have more, but I wouldn’t have let MS take that choice away from me. I guess you’d just need a very supportive partner and ideally some family and friends around you who might be able to help out on particularly bad days. I don’t think they really have the right to tell you that you shouldn’t have children anyway, particularly when you see some of the circumstances some children are born into.

(PS I’m 33)