Saw Neuro. New suspected dx

Saw the Neuro last week. He states that he thinks my symptoms mirror fibromyalgia (?) I’m a little confused because the other neuro I saw in previous months felt it was ms, ehnce reason why he sent me to this new neuro.

I always sense that not one of them is willing to out their neck on the line and attach their name to the dx. I am so frustrated! He is sending me for another mri to compare to the last one three years ago, and also some nerve conduction tets. He also took full bloods - just waiting for them to come back.

Limbo land yet again!

Hi Bee,

The problem is that they really are very similar, and as time goes on, the diagnosis can only be made by a process of elimination, and comparing, waiting, and seeing whether or which of your symptoms and pains have increased or changed. In fact there are many disorders/diseases that mimic MS. That’s why its so difficult to diagnose, and takes so long.

Mind you 3 years seems a long time to wait for a final diagnosis. By now, the Neuro should be explaining clearly, why and how he\she came to that conclusion, even if it is still a ‘maybe’. Ive read that if you have so many pressure points of pain, it can point to fibro, and any lesions on your brain showing up on scans will point to MS. MS is a progressive illness, Fibro is not.

Being passed from pillar to post, from one Neuro to another is not helping you is it, especially if they have completely different views on your illness . Next time you see your Neuro, see if you can get an in-depth, clear explanation about everything, and voice your concerns. Dont be afraid to ask how has the diagnosis changed from MS to fibro. I’m sure your Neuro would be happy to help you.

Good luck.

Almond xxx