Saw a neurologist - still waiting two weeks later? No MS nurse yet either...

Hey everyone,

I had my first meeting with a neurologist almost two weeks ago - RRMS diagnosed

The neurologist is referring me to the MS Team, who I believe will start me on medication but…

He also decided (I’m not sure why) not to allocate an MS nurse to me yet, but does want me to start on medication ASAP.

Is that normal? Should I be waiting this long to see someone about medication?

Bit confused and still very much in limbo… again!

hi laura

have i got this right?

your neuro wants you to start on medication asap.

two weeks is not long in our busy nhs.

the ms nurses are very stretched but i would be disappointed not to have been given one although i suspect that the ms team includes ms nurses.

they will discuss your options and ask you to make a choice.

then the request for meds has to be passed by the risk sharing thing (can’t remember exactly what it’s called).

then the delivery arranged.

it takes time.

you just have to wait.

give it a few more weeks then ring the receptionist and ask.

try your best to remain calm.

you’re in the machine now.

Thanks Carole - I realise I’m probably panicking more than I need to… I’m just fed up of having to get taxis to and from work I think, it’s a fifteen minute walk normally! XD

Hi Laura,

Ring Access to Work; Get support in work if you have a disability or health condition (Access to Work) - GOV.UK they will pay for taxis you only pay the equivalent bus fare; plus lots of other help.


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